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Our World Class Whitetail Deer, with their incredible main frames, long tines, and lots of mass, will surely get your attention!  Our dense whitetail habitat is home to record setting typicals and record setting monster non-typicals.


Quality Animal


Louisiana Whitetail llc’s record setting genetics are known all over the United States, and we are positive that we have the trophy of your dreams.

• Trophy Whitetail

• Red Stag

• Axis

• Fallow



Louisiana Whitetails, llc

Hunt Packages


Come Hunt With US!!!

Louisiana Whitetails, llc has a wide variety of hunt packages that will suit anyone's hunting dreams & desires.

Hunt Pricing

Pricing is according to antler score per the following chart.

Measuring will be performed by Daniel, who is a Certified SCI Measurer, with hunter’s assistance.

Enjoy World Class Hunting



Beautiful Lodge with all amenities including beverages of your choice, meals, self service laundry, the nicest stands in the industry, all transportation aboard the property, guiding, assistance in field dressing, skinning and processing of trophy, temporary storage of meat.

Meals: Coffee, pastries etc before a.m. hunt.  Brunch after a.m. hunt.  Lunch before evening hunt and dinner after evening hunt.  We usually have a steak night, Louisiana style seafood night, etc.

Also provided is a heated and cooled shooting shed set up on a gun range for zeroing your rifle or bow pre-hunt.



Firearms, bows, ammunition, hunting license, hunting gear and equipment. Louisiana License can be purchased locally.



We require and advocate the safest hunt possible.  We do require the signing of a “Hold Harmless” agreement prior to the hunt.



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